Water Resources

Water Resources strategy invests in water infrastructure, water resources preservation, reflecting fast-growing water demand through agricultural use, increasing global population, climate-related and environmental water supply disruptions.

Investment Strategy Objective

Fundamental pure-play allocation strategy seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns primarily driven by the investment theses:

  • Secular long-term growth in demand for water resources (3-5% per year in developed world, >10% per year in fast-growing economies*)
  • Core technology and innovation in water resources management and infrastructure
  • Value-generation centered in utilities (supply and distribution), infrastructure (pipes, irrigation, etc.), technology (purification, destination, etc.).

* MSCI ESG Report, 2014

Impact Objective

Preservation and value-driven utilization of water resources

Allocation: algorithmic passive
Strategy: thematic pure play
Asset class: equity and fixed income
Geography: global with tilt for fast-growing economies
Market capitalization: calculate
Median market cap per company: calculate (median over the past year)

Performance Metrics

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