Sustainability-Focused Robo Advisors

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Robo advіsors were launched with the aіm of digіtally revolutіonizing asset management. Today’s robo advіce market features provіders from traditіonal banks and іndependent start-ups. These tools support users in financіal decisіon-making, like risk-measurement, portfolіo selection, or rebalancіng. Since robo advіsor fees can be as low as 0.25% or even free, thіs is a much cheaper optіon than іnvesting іn a mutual fund. Additionally, many robo advіsors offer helpful features such as tax-loss harvestіng and automatіc portfolіo rebalancіng.

From streamlіnіng operatіons to enhancіng the user experіence, here are some of the maіn advantages іnvestors profit using robo-advіsors:

– Low costs and low account mіnіmums;

– Automated processes: automatіng processes reduces operatіonal rіsks and saves tіme;

– Self-service digital distribution: the vіrtual aspect of the services іncreases the accessibility and availability to 24/7 from anywhere with an іnternet connectіon and without the need of a physical presence;

– Hіgher user experience and data analysis: clіent demands for cutting-edge technology are ever growing;

– Reducing behavіoral biases in the investment process: behavioral bіases lead to suboptimal decision of investors.

The concept of sustainable (or ethical, green, social, etc) asset management is evolving rapidly. Today Robo advisors are trying to consider sustainable goals of their client and build impact-focused portfolios.

Cyan Reef aggregates some of the most sustainable names in Robo advisory.

Selected Sustainable Robo Advisors

Official Web Logo wdt_ID Name Full Name Short Description Fast Facts Official Web
2 Warburg Navigator Warburg Navigator Warburg Navigator is the digital asset management that offers sustainable investment strategies with a possibility to invest assets in sustainable funds to support sustainable companies. The robo advisor do not offer monthly savings plan and payout plan, deposits and withdrawals are available only from 2,000 euros.

Account Minimum: €20,000
Fee: 1,0% – 0.8%

6 EarthFolio EarthFolio This robo advisor invests exclusively in funds classified as sustainable or responsible. Unlike some ESG robo advisory competitors, EarthFolio offers bond funds in addition to other ESG funds. However, it has limited investment options and does not offer low-cost ETFs.

Account Minimum: $25,000
Fee: 0.50%

7 Axos Invest Axos Invest Axos Invest offers inexpensive investment management, and allows more portfolio customization than most robo-advisors. The company no longer offers free investment management, but instead offers all of its previously Premium features such as Portfolio Plus and tax-loss harvesting for a single annual advisory fee of 0.24%.

Account Minimum: $500
Fee: 0.24%

9 Betterment Betterment Betterment customers can choose to invest in their SRI portfolios with low fees and strong socially responsible metrics with ability to connect all their financial accounts to see the bigger picture. The company does not offer direct indexing and has limited amount of investment options.

Account Minimum: $500
Fees: 0.25% or 0.42%–0.46% for 529 plans

15 M1 Finance M1 Finance This unique platform offers both managed robo advisors and do-it-yourself investing under one roof. Since the platform offers very little help for setting financial goals, it is perfect only for self-directed investors who feel comfortable managing pre-built and customised portfolios.

Account Minimum: $100
Fee: 0%

19 Ellevest Ellevest Private wealth management for high and ultra high net worth individuals, families, and institutions. Ellevest’s impact portfolios are built to tackle issues that disproportionately affect women, like gender inequality, racial injustice, and climate change. The robo advisor offers IRA access only for Plus and Executive members only.

Account Minimum: $0
Fee: $1-$9 / month

20 OpenInvest OpenInvest With OpenInvest, financial advisors can seamlessly build, manage, and report on ESG-focused portfolios, engaging with clients on a new level. Since users can customise a portfolio, SRI isn’t always the most profitable and portfolios may not beat the market.

Account Minimum: $100
Fee: $35 per annum or every $10,000 invested

21 SustainFolio SustainFolio An independent investment advisory was created to help further the mission of sustainable investing and opening up the movement of SRI to those who perhaps couldn’t get into. However, investors need to dig through the prospectus to make sure the offered companies are actually socially responsible.

Account Minimum: $5,000
Fee: 0.5%

22 Selma Selma A Swiss Robo-Advisor that is focusing on a personal assistant within the service. Selma Finance does not solely focus on Sustainable Investing. The platform offers an option to select only ETFs with a limited ability to customisation to invest in sustainable instruments.

Account Minimum: CHF 2,000
Fee: 0.68% – 0.47%

23 Yova Yova It is the only Swiss Robo-Advisor that only focuses on sustainable investing. Yova is not investing in ETFs but directly in stocks and are not replicating an index. The platform is using a custom strategy to select sustainable companies. The fees only go down if you invest more than 150,000 CHF.

Account Minimum: CHF 2,000
Fee: 1.2% – 0.6%