Impact-Focused Asset Managers in the Netherlands

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For the first time, at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2020 climate and environmental risks are listed as the top five global risk areas. As with any era of disruption, climate change is creating and will continue to create risks and drive opportunities for asset managers as well. Asset managers therefore are facing a major challenge: how to navigate a path through these issues and build a sustainable business model for a new era of ESG-focused investment. Achieving this will mean taking long-term, strategic decisions in the immediate future about their approach to ESG and their market positioning.

Asset managers face five significant trends in sustainable, responsible and impact investments:

– Climate change is the leading environmental concern among investors.

– Conflict risk is the top social concern among investors.

– An emerging trend is gender lens investing — investing with an explicit focus on products or companies that actively support women’s socioeconomic advancement.

– Concern about civilian firearms has contributed to a significant increase in assets that avoid investment in military contractors or weapons manufacturers.

– Corporate governance issues are becoming more prominent in investment analysis and portfolio selection.

Following CPR invest smart trends (2021).

The concept of sustainable (or ethical, green, social, etc) asset management is evolving rapidly. Today asset managers in every country are trying to consider sustainable goals of their client and build impact-focused portfolios.

Cyan Reef aggregates some of the most sustainable names in asset management in the Netherlands.

Selected Sustainable Asset Managers

Official Web wdt_ID Logo Name Short Description Official Web
1 Aberfeld Asset Management B.V. Aberfeld Asset Management is an asset manager for private investors and institutions. Aberfeld Asset Management stands for knowledge and experience and the foundation lies in fundamental economic values.
2 AFS Equity & Derivatives B.V AFS Group is an independent European multi-asset class broker, primarily operating as an intermediary for Financial Institutions, Corporate Clients and (semi) Government bodies. Services are provided on a wide range of Financial Instruments such as: Capital Markets, Energy, Equity Derivatives, Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, Structured and Exotic products.
3 Alpha Capital Asset Management B.V. Alpha Capital offers investment advice and asset management. The company helps investors to determine which form of investments suits the most. They draw an attention toinvestment opportunities in the long and short term and inform investor about current investment news and relevant market developments.
4 Altis Investment Management B.V. Altis Investment Management AG is an investment management that provides innovative investment management services to institutional clients as well as private investors. They use an open-architecture approach to select the best possible solutions and products for clients.
5 Asset Management International B.V. Asset Management International (AMI) is an independent Dutch asset manager operating under different names: Beaufort Vermogensbeheer, DVR Investments, Peper Vermogensregie, Pluijmert Vermogensbeheer, Senang Capital and Vermeer Vermogensbeheer.
6 Auréus Group B.V. Auréus stands for investing in public and private markets. They help investors in a world full of opportunities, but also uncertainties. The company offers right investment solution for every individual with all investment experience.
7 Bluemetric B.V. Bluemetric transfers wealth from a traditional approach to a professional platform. The company applies various metrics in an investment process, from identifying the client’s wishes and goals to executing and monitoring investment decisions taken previously.
8 Bustelberg Effectenkantoor B.V. Bustelberg offers its own fundamental research. This research leads to a selection of companies that can profit above average based on important trends in the world. These specific choices helps in practice to greater added value for portfolios.
9 Capitael B.V. Capitael specializes in asset management and offers advanced solutions in this area. The company focuses on family assets that have long history with several generations, but it can also concern assets that have recently been released from modern entreprises.
10 CARE Investment Services B.V Care IS stands for Care Investment Services. The main approach is to spread assets to avoid unnecessary risks. By constant monitoring of all market trends managers actively intervene if the risks become too high.