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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-growing area of technology that will one day have virtually the entire world connected. Everyday objects such as light bulbs, TVs, major appliances, and even doorbells are increasingly being brought online. IoT refers to the online networks of devices and objects, which communicate with other devices in the same network via connections to data centers.
While there is plenty of overlap among technology generally, cloud computing, and the IoT, pure-play IoT companies are relatively rare. Any company that makes consumer electronics devices, or sensors or chips for industrial or commercial purposes, has at least some exposure to IoT technology. Software platforms that manage IoT devices and cloud computing companies are also engaged with the IoT sector.
IoT is still a fairly new market – but one that has huge potential. IoT adoption will no doubt be further fuelled by advances in tangent areas of Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization, New Generation of 5G connectivity, Robotics and more.
For those looking to get investing exposure to IoT, there is a dozen of effective publicly traded instruments. You may want to take a look at the funds incorporating a broader selection of technology themes. Or you may consider instruments focusing specifically on Internet of Things solutions, like the ones featured in the selection below.

Instruments to Invest in Internet of Things

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