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Genetics is the study of genes, their variations and hereditary characteristics. It drives our understanding of how traits pass on through generations. The modern genetics drives this premise further, where increasingly sophisticated gene editing and gene analysis technologies create new opportunities in science and medicine at an increasingly fast pace.
When it comes to genetics investing, companies in this niche of the life science sector are mostly focused on four areas: DNA sequencing, genetic testing, gene therapy and genomics, which includes genome editing. These companies need to spend significant portions of their revenue on research and development (R&D), which can put a drag on their earnings. But that spending is exactly what advances the field and drives its aggressive growth.
For those looking to dive into the genetics sector, there are a wide range of investment opportunities to consider. ETFs and mutual funds are a sensible way to get investing exposure to genetics, given that it comes with less risk than investing in single companies.

Instruments to Invest in Genetics

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