Future's Mobility Investment Instruments

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Despite the global pandemic’s impact on the automotive industry, the companies in mobility and automotive sector adapt to major changes taking place, namely autonomous driving, connectivity, electrification, and smart mobility (ACES). These trends will not disappear but instead remain crucial ways companies can achieve a competitive edge in the next decade. Smart investors, in turn, can take advantage of these changes as well.
“Future’s mobility” thematic instruments frequently offer exposure to companies that are focused or will substantially benefit from the innovative trends in mobility space (e.g. transition to clean and sustainable transportation and energy storage solutions). Areas may include but are not limited to the following:: critical battery materials and technology, fuel cell technology, shared mobility infrastructure, new urban mobility, E-Mobility, smart grid, charging infrastructure and other.
For those looking to get investing exposure to future mobility ecosystem, there is a dozen of effective publicly traded instruments. You may want to take a look at the funds incorporating a broader selection of technology themes. Or you may consider instruments focusing specifically on Future’s Mobility, like the ones featured in the selection below.

Instruments to Invest in Future's Mobility

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