Blockchain Investment Instruments

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Blockchain is a digital public ledger that records transaction information. Each “block” of information is digitally verified and given a unique hash (or ID) and added to the public ledger. In the case of cryptocurrencies making use of blockchain, adding this new block creates a new unit (or coin) of currency.
Blockchain can be used for more than just creating new currencies. Many organizations are using it as a way to improve their operations, specifically for complex and decentralized systems. The notable examples include innovation in supply chain management, high-frequency trading infrastructures, document certification, cyber security and more.
There are several interesting ways to invest in specific cryptocurrencies as well as in blockchain innovation itself (crypto exchanges, crowdfunding and much more). One “conventional” way to invest in blockchain is through getting equity exposure to companies betting heavily on block chain innovation. Within such a thematic approach, a motivate investor may consider investing in ETFs or Mutual Funds. Below we provide a list of investment instruments themed around the Blockchain innovation theme.

Instruments to Invest in Blockchain Technology

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