Agriculture and Nutrition

Agriculture and Nutrition targets sustainable agriculture and nutrition supply chains. The exposure to agriculture and nutrition sectors addresses key global challenges in supporting well-being of growing populations and strains on sustainable agriculture and food production.

Investment Strategy Objective

Pure-play allocation strategy seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns primarily driven by the investment theses:

  • Innovation in sustainable agricultural and food production technology, business models, and supply chains
  • Modernization of equipment and services
  • Secular growth trends in nutrition demand in fast-growing economies
  • New innovation and products in food and functional nutrients, nutrition sources, diets, and delivery channels

Investment Strategy Objective

The strategy targets transformation in well-being transformation, development, equality, and long-term sustainability of agriculture and food production.

Allocation: algorithmic passive
Strategy: thematic pure play
Asset class: equity and fixed income
Geography: global with tilt towards fast-growing economies
Market capitalization: calculate
Median market cap per company: calculate (median over the past year)

Performance Metrics

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